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Big Data. Big Audiences. Bigger Deals.

Social Media Trackers is emerging as one of the top leaders in this change, offering innovative and creative strategic social solutions for it’s clients on both a local and global scale. Using social media as the backbone for the latest era in digital marketing.


Over the past several years there has been a major shift in the way social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more are revolutionizing the online marketing landscape. It goes beyond content marketing by capture data, increase and track ROI in the digital landscape.

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Social Media Trackers will help your team

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Identify and reach out to the top social influencers in your market.

Market Research the social audience of your vertical,

Develop “smarter” optimized social platforms from the ground up.

Drive traffic of customers who care to your website.

Implement Social Pixel Tracking and development.

Develop an army of online ambassadors to share your products, posts, promos, and videos.

Create the perfect online funnel.

Capture data and remarket to customers who “place items in carts” but don’t purchase.

Capture business leads for B2B.

Track your website’s data to develop customized audiences to target.

Work with your marketing team to help advise, and implement technical strategies to increase your ROI.

Train your marketing team in the power of technically advanced social marketing, optimized posting, and data tracking.

Enable businesses to not only reach it’s current customers, but target “lookalike” audiences based on customized from the data and demographics of your current customer base.

Play “social detective” to uncover the road blocks on your website. Discover where people get confused, why they don’t complete purchases, view videos, or contact. to see where


When to Utilize Social Media Trackers

Your company may have just made the coolest website, produced the video that is destined to go viral, selling the best product, or offering a one of a kind service, but now you need an audience. Not a fake audience of random people who don’t want to purchase your product, services or watch your video, but a targeted audience of people that honestly care, have similar interests, demographics, and are ready to buy. Look no further… Social Media Trackers is your solution.

Company Start-Up

Starting from scratch? Make sure to include a top level strategy from the ground up to save time and money instead of trying to fit your marketing into website, develop your site and social networks with a funnel in place.


Website Launch

Maybe it’s not time to start posting major content on social platforms, but it’s always time to start tracking to social data on your website. Let us help you set-up your website for success by implementing social tracking pixels, so that when you are ready to make the move and take full advantage of all social media marketing has to offer, your legacy of captured data will be put you in a huge advantage to begin transforming your web traffic into conversions.


Short Term Investment

We understand that social marketing can seem like a big investment, but when done right it’s a big pay-off. We offer special packages as well as al-a-carte services to fit business goals and dramatically increase online ROI. We want you to spend the least amount of money on ad spend as possible and achieve the highest results. If your company fits the requirements, we do offer a short term 2 week solution to demonstrate the potential success of a longer term social marketing strategy.


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Whether your business is small and local or large and global, Social Media Trackers is ready to provide the services needed to take your business to the next level. Please contact us for a call to see to see how we can help your business.